14 Ways To Hack an Ice Cube Tray

After numerous wonderful inquiries and also pointers on the remark board this month, we have actually obtained kitchen area performance on our minds. Maintaining a healthy and balanced Primitive Kitchen area running efficiently and also financially isn’t hard, however some imaginative approach certain makes it simpler.

If you’re just freezing water in your ice tray, you’re losing out. Every little thing from natural herbs, to dark delicious chocolate, to bacon fat and also also red wine can be iced up right into taste dices that will certainly transform the means you prepare. It’s everything about even more taste, even more benefit, and also much less waste.

Just put active ingredients right into an ice tray, and also freeze. When iced up, every one of these taste dices can be kept in fridge freezer bags for approximately 3 months. Utilize the ice tray currently in your fridge freezer, or look online for brand-new trays in a selection of shapes and sizes.

Natural Herbs and also Oil

herbs and Oil

Consume fresh natural herbs rather than seeing them wilt by incorporating added virgin olive oil or avocado oil with fresh tweezed natural herbs. Thaw icy oil & & natural herb dices in a pan prior to sautéing meat or veggies for immediate natural taste.


Primal Aviary

One more means to ice up fresh natural herbs is by cold pesto right into dices. This is a terrific means to protect a bounty of fresh basil in the summer season, or various other sorts of pesto like parsley and also cilantro As opposed to cooling down soup with a watery ice, placed an icy pesto dice in your soup dish rather.

Pet Fat


A simple and also space-efficient means to shop bacon grease ( or poultry fat, or tallow) is by putting cozy, fluid fat right into an ice tray. Shop the dices of pet fat in a fridge freezer bag and also draw one out whenever you sauté something.

Ginger and also Garlic

Garlic and Ginger

Having actually blended ginger and also garlic within your reaches conserves a great deal of valuable time when you’re attempting to obtain supper on the table. To make, merely blend peeled off, cut ginger or entire peeled off garlic dices with water till smooth, after that freeze. Pop an icy dice of garlic straight right into a sauté frying pan with oil for you following stir-fry recipe, or utilize the dices for sauces and also sauces. Pointer: Make Use Of a smaller ice cube tray, because the majority of dishes just need a little of garlic or ginger.

Red Wine


Do not intend to open up a container wine simply to deglaze a pan? That’s where red wine cubes been available in helpful. Icy dices of red or gewurztraminer can be thawed in a frying pan with butter, or included in tomato sauce or stew. For a revitalizing, low-alcohol beverage, put carbonated water over a white wine dice.

Frozen Greens


Puree fresh environment-friendlies (like infant spinach) with a little water to make an environment-friendly slurry, after that ice up right into dices that quickly include added nutrients to soups, stews, chili, shakes and also various other recipes.

Fruit Puree


Puree and also freeze fresh fruit (assume mango or berries) and also utilize the dices as fruit bombs for shakes, mini popsicles (place a toothpick in the ice while it ices up), or as a vibrant means to taste carbonated water.

Delicious Chocolate


Utilize a silicon ice tray to ice up dissolved dark delicious chocolate right into tiny bars or joyful forms (like hearts). Include cut nuts, coconut, or your favored super-food for a healthy reward.



Never ever endure via a watery glass of iced coffee once more when you have coffee ice accessible. These caffeine-packed dices can likewise be included in shakes.

Extra Suggestions

Which’s not all … Attempt these suggestions, as well, for active ingredients you utilize once in a while or desire helpful in smaller sized sections at a minute’s notification:

  • Buttermilk
  • Tomato Paste
  • Hen Supply
  • Bone Brew
  • Pureed Avocado

Keep In Mind, you’re restricted just by your Primal-minded imagination (and also just how much area there remains in the fridge freezer).

Many thanks for reviewing today, every person. We would certainly enjoy to listen to just how you make numerous use your ice trays.

ice cube tray

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