How to Make Coconut Better: 10 Tips for the Best Coconut Butter Ever

You possibly currently prepare with coconut oil Possibly you take pleasure in huge flakes of toasted coconut in your route mix or shredded coconut in your grain-free Primitive “oatmeal” Have you attempted the wealthiest, most decadent coconut item of them all: coconut butter?

What is coconut butter, you ask? It’s just dried out coconut combined up until it creates a smooth, luscious paste. Considering that the only component is coconut, it’s normally dairy-free as well as gluten-free.

Our preferred method to appreciate it is making the globe’s most convenient two-ingredient keto treat: dark delicious chocolate with a schmear of coconut butter. Or simply consume it with a spoon. We’ll never ever inform.

Just How to Make Coconut Butter

Portions:  1 to 2 mugs

Time in the cooking area:  10 to 20 mins


4 or even more mugs of bitter, dried out coconut flakes


There’s just one needed action: mix!

However if you wish to make the most effective coconut butter ever before, adhere to these 10 no-fail pointers.

10 Tips for Making the most effective Coconut Butter Ever Before

Idea # 1:  Usage huge bitter dried out coconut flakes. These are simpler to develop into butter.

Bowl of large coconut flakes sitting on a wooden surface with a white kitchen towel.

Idea # 2:  For a much deeper, nuttier taste, salute the coconut.

Lay the coconut out on a sheet frying pan as well as location in the stove at 300 levels Fahrenheit (150 levels Celsius) up until the coconut is gently brownish as well as toasted. This boosts the taste of the coconut butter, as well as it will certainly likewise make it simpler to transform the flakes right into butter.

This is not an essential action, however if you have a weak mixer, it could be a far better alternative. If you pick to salute the coconut, the end product will certainly be brown rather than white, as received the images later on in the blog post.

Toasted coconut flakes.

Idea # 3:  Usage at the very least 4 mugs of coconut flakes as well as put them right into a food mill.

You can likewise make use of a high-speed blender or food processor, however a food mill generally makes it simpler to scuff down the sides as well as get rid of the coconut butter when it’s done handling. Mixers will certainly make a rather smoother completed item, however some blender or food processors will certainly get too hot prior to you’re done mixing the coconut.

Idea # 4:  Take your time! It takes anywhere from 10 to 20 mins to obtain a good smooth butter.

Idea # 5:  Once you transform the mixer on as well as allow it start to grind the coconut, quit every now and then to scuff the sides of the dish with a spoon or spatula to grab any type of flakes on the sides.

Overhead shot of food processor with coarsely ground coconut. White kitchen towel.

Idea # 6:  The coconut flakes will certainly undergo numerous makeovers as it looks to butter. They will certainly look like crude sand.

Overhead shot of food processor with finely ground coconut. White kitchen towel.

Following, it will certainly end up being liquid-y however still look rough.

Overhead shot of food processor with finished coconut butter. Hand is spooning some out.

Last, it will certainly be a smooth, thick sauce. Completion outcome will certainly still be slim, however it will certainly tighten as you save it.

Idea # 7:  Put the butter right into an impermeable container as well as allow it cool down. Optionally, shop it right into numerous tiny containers, that makes it simpler to heat up as well as usage in the future.

Idea # 8:  Coconut butter can be saved at space temperature level, however remember that toasted coconut butter will certainly go rancid far more swiftly than non-toasted. We suggest keeping toasted coconut butter in the refrigerator.

Idea # 9:  Coconut butter solidifies at cooler temperature levels. To make use of solidified butter, established a cozy water bathroom as well as allow the container being in it for a couple of mins to aid soften the butter, mixing sometimes. We do not suggest straight home heating or microwaving oven the butter as this can tinker its uniformity, however you can do it in a pinch!

Idea # 10:  Make use of the coconut butter for virtually anything! We like soaking fruit or nuts in softened butter. Attempt including a spoonful to mouthwatering choices like curries, soups, or perhaps to mashed veggies

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